Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Starting your fitness journey can be intimidating and challenging! Some people don’t start because they don’t know where or what to do. If this sounds like you, hiring a personal trainer may be your right decision! Invest in yourself and have your own motivator and cheerleader guide you on this health journey! 

What Do Personal Trainers Do?

Personal trainers work one-on-one with clients to design an exercise program that works specifically for them. No one person is the same, so a personal trainer will talk to you about your goals, your physical ability, and past health or physical issues to create the perfect workout plan for you! Personal trainers are the elite “accountabili-buddy” that sets you on the right path to work hard on your goals and achieve them consistently.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

You’re new to exercise and don’t know where to start

No one is born with the knowledge and experience of nutrition and fitness…no, not even The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger! A trainer can help you with the basics of fitness by:

  • Teaching you how to get the most out of your workout without overdoing it
  • Showing you how to use machines and do specific exercises properly
  • Suggesting activities that work for your body, fitness level, and goals
  • Using different tools like a heart rate monitor or food trackers
  • Guiding you through the motions and correcting your form

Even if you want to exercise by yourself it’s important to do it right.

Even if your goal is to learn how to work out properly and do it yourself, hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions offers the benefits of learning the right way to do an exercise instead of winging it and potentially causing injury. YouTube can only go so far when no one is physically around to guide you, correct form, and be your personal hypeman.

Be held accountable and stay motivated

Knowing you have an appointment with a professional can help you maintain the motivation to exercise. Your trainer will ask about your week, wanting to know about your workouts and meals. Knowing you have to report to someone will make it less likely for you to miss a workout and fall off track. It’s easy to slack off alone, but having someone to challenge you can make a huge difference!

You have an injury, special condition or have given birth.

You may have been active in the past and experienced a change to your overall physical abilities have recently given birth, or you may be new to working out after an injury. Whatever your experience, a physical trainer can get you where you need to be! First, be sure to consult your doctor and get clearance for exercise, but here’s how a personal trainer can help:

  • Overcoming back or neck pain
  • Exercising with a chronic condition like arthritis or diabetes
  • Increasing balance, core strength, and stability if you’ve had a fall
  • Coming up with a fitness plan if you’re pregnant or have given birth
  • Create a program that works on the areas you need without risking re-injury
  • Work with your physical therapist and/or doctor to ensure a proper program that suits your needs.

What Should I Look for in a Personal Trainer?

Many gyms offer “personal training” which could range widely from some teenager looking at Instagram and counting to 12 while you fumble through your work out all the way to olympic level strength and agility training. At West Coast Strength our trainers are best suited for individuals who are “serious” about improving their overall lifestyle and fitness. Starting with the science of training and muscle movement we develop custom plans for all our training clients to ensure the best possible outcome with the least amount of risk to your body.  Take a look at our different personal training packages to see the different offers.

The cost of training sessions does vary by the amount of training and type of training but on average anticipate spending $70 for each one-hour training session. Be sure to be honest with your trainer as he or she builds out your custom fitness routine. 

  • If you have a specific illness, injury, or condition, ensure your trainer has education and experience in these areas and will work with your doctor.
  • Ensure your trainer has the experience, especially concerning your goals. Ask for or look for testimonials of past clients.
  • A trainer should be certified through a reputable personal training organization, such as NASM or ISSA.
  • Your trainer should also have an updated certification in CPR and first aid.

Where Should I Start Looking?

Well…not to brag, but our trainers at West Coast Strength are all badass people ready to help you achieve your goals and build your confidence through fitness. We have various trainers with different styles and experiences, so don’t be afraid to check them out on our website to learn about them! Stop by West Coast Strength today to learn how we can help you get on this kickass journey!

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