Why does Exercising at Home Suck So Much?

It’s after the new year, and your goal for 2023 may sound like, “I want to lose 50 pounds” or “I want to look like CBum.” You buy all this fancy fitness equipment, use it once or twice, and then BAM… you now have a very expensive clothing rack or laundry hamper! Why is it so hard to work out a home?! Well, let’s talk about it!

You Have Limited Space

Living in a small, one-bedroom apartment can make it hard to fit in fitness equipment. Sure, you can buy those cool treadmills that fold down to fit in a closet, but they can be pricey. You don’t want to clutter your already small home with expensive equipment. Even if you decide to do bodyweight workouts, you may not have enough space to move your body around efficiently, making it hard to want to work out when you feel cramped.

Equipment is Expensive

Treadmills are the most expensive clothing line in the world! Even if you find a cheap model, it may need to be of better quality, and YOU are in charge of maintaining it or fixing it when it malfunctions. Higher-quality treadmills can cost as much as a year’s membership at a gym. With a gym membership, you can access equipment, amenities, and professionals to help you on your new fitness journey.

You’re Not Sure What To Do

The fitness world has a plethora of information, workout programs, supplements, good and bad advice, etc. Researching what workouts would suit you can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when there’s a lot of outdated or false information. Personal trainers at your local gym are knowledgeable and will be more than happy to help you reach your fitness goals in the best way possible.

You Have Too Many Distractions

Your home is full of distractions like social media, your favorite TV show, pets, household chores, and children. You throw on your favorite show while you work out, and suddenly, you find yourself sitting through your 6th episode of the day. Gyms are an excellent way to avoid distractions and focus on yourself and your fitness goals.

Benefits of a Gym Membership

It may be ideal for saving money each month by working out at home. Still, there are so many reasons why getting a gym membership is worth it:

  • Supportive Environment: Don’t let the few gym horror stories scare you. The right gym will be an incredibly supportive environment because everyone there is for the same reason you are, bettering yourself and your health. Gym staff and personal trainers love seeing people succeed, so they’ll do their best to ensure you’re doing what’s best for you.
  • Access to amenities: Your membership includes access to all types of fitness equipment, amenities like showers, workout classes, and personal trainers. Some gyms have smoothie bars or nutrition shops!
  • Meeting new people: Even introverts find their people at the gym. Everyone is doing the same thing, and you may find someone you can connect with, and now you have a new gym buddy.
  • It’s easier to focus: As we said above, going to the gym eliminates all your daily distractions. You can spend a couple of uninterrupted hours concentrating on yourself and your health!
  • 100% WORTH IT: Think of gym membership or personal trainer costs as an investment in yourself. Many people struggle with spending money on themselves but consider it an investment instead of an expense. Changing the wording and thinking more positively makes a difference!

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