The first thing I have to say is how much of a relief it is to finally be open again.  Business is a constant process and it is all about momentum. To experience our business halt and have no control over things was not fun!  We are grateful to our members who continued to support the gym during the shutdown. We are alive and well thanks to a strong community.  Now here we are nearing our 2-year anniversary and excited to be reopening our doors after being temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

We had an awesome first week.  People were happy to come back to the gym. It was great to feel the positive energy and I think the time without the gym made everyone appreciate it more.  The flow is nice and people are disbursing throughout the day, which creates a really good vibe all day long. I’d like to note that it’s easy to see that we have a lot of new members joining the gym that are a great fit for our business. Every gym isn’t for everyone, but it’s clear that the right people are finding us and that’s something we love.  We are growing and with that you can be sure that we will be increasing our footprint little by little.  To thrive our business will always be developing and we’ll be finding big and small ways to be better.

To kick off June our classes will be resuming this week with a limited capacity of no more than 10 people. This will allow for proper distancing, but the best benefit will be more coaching engagement with small class sizes.  Classes are something we’ve continued to change up for what fits our members best.  Our current focus is to provide an intense workout that can balance out the “best of everything”.  We’re looking at a class that’s less than an hour and will make you work. Our biggest goal is to burn. The best way to do that is to combine strength training, cardio, movement, and core work to make people WORK!  With our program we want people to be able to get everything they need in one place, but also have the option of doing more cardio and resistance training outside of the class.  Regardless of whether someone comes every day or once a week, they’ll still benefit.

The two things I want members and our community to take away from this article are:

  1. We are so thankful to have a strong community that cares for us as much as we care for them.
  2. Although the shutdown has been hard on our business, we’re in a position to have a great year and we’re focused on growing our business by making it better.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with our COVID-19 guidelines during Phase 1. Being positive and staying on the same page has made opening smooth and we haven’t had any issues.  Looking forward to when things are less restricted and we’re able to put energy into larger events and programs, but for now we’re all happy to be back in action!

If you’ve lost your way without the gym, then take this opportunity to create goals, and with that create a routine that you know will work well for you.  Design the perfect day and work within your schedule to make sure that you get the simple things done that you need to get the results you want.  Time to prepare food, time to workout, time to rest, and focus heavily on CONSISTENCY.  None of us are winning the lottery or getting drafted, so what we need is to be consistent and keep compounding our routine.  “Slow and steady wins the race” might not sound exciting, but it works every time.

If you’re needing direction, please take advantage of your free 2 weeks of classes, 2 complimentary one-hour workouts with a trainer, and free InBody scan to measure your bodyfat % and lean muscle mass.  These are some of the tools and the personnel that we have to make you successful.  It’s our goal to be as hands on with our members as possible.  Please feel free to reach out via email, phone, or in person to make arrangements.

That’s all folks!  The world is a crazy place, but the gym is always the same.

“45 pounds will always be 45 pounds”.

– Alex Whitaker.

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