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Personal Training at West Coast Strength is a select high-end service for those who want to achieve lasting change and real results. It’s for people who want the best and for people who want to be their best.

This gym originated as a single owner operated personal training business and over a decade later we’ve grown WCS Personal Training to be the flagship of our business. 

We specialize in corrective/rehabilitative exercise, weight-loss, strength training, endurance, and helping motivated people transform their bodies. 

Far too often the fitness industry approaches personal training with a cookie cutter mentality, providing inexperience coaches with limited skills, poor pay, and a “one size fits all” approach to fitness. At WCS each of our coaches have a high degree of experience and education. They each have different approaches and focuses, which is why it’s so important that you are matched with the right coach. Don’t settle for mediocrity, you deserve better.

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The core value of our business is helping others. Through WCS Personal Training we’re able to walk each step with our clients and offer unique and detailed solutions to meet individual needs. This is where you’ll experience a hands-on approach to training. We’ve disrupted the commercial fitness industry by providing our clients with professional coaches who offer more than an online training certification. These coaches are educated, experienced and continuously working at refining their craft. Our coaches know what works and at West Coast Strength we’ve developed a process for success. 



Great atmosphere and vibe. Everyone is so helpful and the staff is polite and always making sure the equipment is clean and organized. The owner and his trainers give helpful advice about training, diet, and form. Blessed to have such a great gym so close to home.

Branton Plaster

I love this gym. I’ve been going to WCS for close to a year now and it’s my favorite by far. Friendly staff always make me feel welcome. The gym is clean, and there is a wide variety of equipment. I train with the owner, Alex, he is extremely knowledgeable and is always kind and respectful.

Tara Ferrari

I joined this gym a month ago and it’s great! First off, I LOVE how they offer month-to-month for the same monthly rate as a year membership. It’s tough to find that, and that’s one of the biggest reasons I joined. Second, staff is amazing! They are so friendly and available, yet not pushy. Maybe it’s just me, but at other gyms I’ve been to recently I’ve encountered personal trainers interrupting my workouts to give me tips and offering training sessions, when I just want to do my thing! I haven’t had to deal with that at all here at west coast, which has been so refreshing. They also have a good variety of equipment with plenty of space, and I’ve never seen it overly crowded, even on the busy hours. Love the sauna, too! Highly recommend this gym!

Kelly Bergstadt

It’s always important to me to have a gym that has a culture that is surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do, and are friendly to where everyone feels welcome. West Coast has shown that for me and more, the trainers are friendly and willing to share their knowledge to everyone and feels like a place where everyone is there to get better in their own way and willing to help others with their goals as well. Highly recommend checking this place out for anyone looking to become a better version of themselves.

Jonathan Terleski

Very good facility. It’s clean, it’s still got the new gym smell, the equipment is top-notch and VERY well maintained. The staffs are knowledgeable and lovely to work with, and the trainers rock. Truly the best gym in Salem for sure if not the best in the Willamette valley.

Carol G



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