Group Training

Misery loves company! Group training is a great way to build strong accountability and consistency, connect with like-minded people, and get in your best shape. We approach Large Group Training with the same philosophy as our personal training, that the program should meet individual needs, and the actual value comes from hands-on coaching.

At West Coast Strength, we wanted to create a group training program with no comparison. Highly experienced coaches and truly effective workouts combine with our highly motivated members to produce permanent results. Those who participate in group training report feeling a strong sense of accountability to the group and find more success in working out consistently than those who work out themselves.
Remember, Group Training at West Coast Strength is still a personal training experience. In-depth and effective, we offer options for both small groups and large groups.

Small Group

Looking for a different option that provides all the benefits of personal training? Small Group Training is that! With 3-5 people in your group, you will work with people who want what you want and a coach that knows how to get you there. Workouts are designed specifically for each group and are unique to that group. The benefits of a group/team setting without being too crowded and ensuring that each person receives lots of attention.



Varies by size of group and number of sessions per week.

Session Day/Times

Flexible to fit your schedule.

Large Group

It’s not a party without more people, and that’s what’s happening with our Large Group Training at West Coast Strength. We hate to use the word class because that doesn’t do the program justice. A class is nothing more than a scripted exercise routine that is very generalized and usually involves lots of people. At WCS, Large Group Training brings 6-10 people together to form a team, and we grind through each workout together. As with all of our services, we cater to the individual needs of each member and will advance or simplify movements as needed to achieve the best results.



$149/month for 2x/week (60-minute sessions)

$199/month for 3x/week (60 minute sessions)

Session Day/Times

M,W,F @ 5am, 9:30am, & 4:30pm

T/TH @ 5:30am

*For those interested in current or future sessions, the signup form for large group training sessions is available at the front desk with preferred times.

Check with the front desk for details and to sign up!



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