Athletic Training

coached by the best, wcs athletic training is a top tier program for athletes who want to be their best.

Working with athletes is one of our biggest passions at West Coast Strength. Here the time and energy we invest into each athlete and the relationships we build are priceless. WCS Athletic Training is serious training for serious people. We only have one prerequisite: wanting to get 1% better every day. Our coaches can work with athletes from the beginner to the professional level and what we offer is unique; this is not a cookie-cutter experience!

There are many stories about athletes negatively affected by improper training and those who didn’t get the coaching they needed to reach their highest level. Our coaches are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We know how significant the right coach and training can be, and we strive to be the best at what we do.

WCS Athletic Training focuses on meeting the athlete where they’re at and outlining a clear path to where they want to be.  

We offer a variety of options for athletes that include:

  1. 1on1
  2. Partner
  3. Small groups of 3-5
  4. Larger groups of 6-10
  5. Team training, camps, and clinics

To see that athletic training is a great fit, we offer free trials for group training and complimentary sessions for private training. Reach out for more information and see what it’s like to train with the best.

For more information on athletic training programs, contact us today. 

group training for athletes ages 10-14.


ProForm is one of our most exciting programs and something that every youth athlete should be a part of. Designed for youth athletes ages 10-14, ProForm focuses on building athletes from the ground up. Workouts are a combination of speed, agility, and strength. We, as coaches, understand the importance of training at this age and what a young athlete should and shouldn’t be doing. One size does NOT fit all, which is why we can easily advance or simplify training to accommodate each person’s individual needs.
The coaches who teach in ProForm are a select group with a proven track record of education and experience. There’s so much value to training at this age, but the most significant impact comes from having an elite coach. 

Enough about us! We’d love to talk more in person and invite you and your youth athlete(s) to experience ProForm for yourselves!



Achieve lasting results with trainer that matches your needs. Enjoy two complimentary workouts with one of our trainers to get started.

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