Our Story

We created a completely unique gym with programs, knowledge, and support to be your best.

What started off in 2011 as a nutrition store in Monmouth, Oregon, grew into a training studio, and from there, smoke led to a fire, and we’ve been growing ever since!

After opening our first gym in Salem, Oregon in 2018, we now have locations in Portland, Eugene, and Springfield, with more locations coming soon. West Coast Strength is here to provide a facility for anyone looking to start or further their fitness journey. At our gym, we make each other better by cultivating a positive culture and workout community. This is a place where you can connect with skilled trainers as well as loyal members with similar goals.

Locally owned and operated by Alex Whitaker, West Coast Strength (WCS) over the last 11 years has become one of the most well-known private coaching and training brands in the country. We’ve extended that reputation into our gyms by becoming Oregon’s Best Gym.

At WCS, our members have access to an incredible facility, environment, and culture. As a business, we believe in continual growth alongside our members, which is why we’re constantly adding new equipment and ensuring that our services and programs are unmatched. A beautiful gym that is spotless and well maintained, we truly care about our business and its members.

We operate our gym with a collaboration of education, experience, and genuine love for what we do.

If you’ve been looking for a sign or the right place to call home, look no further!

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