Alex Whitaker


Previously the Head Strength & Conditioning coach of Western Oregon University from 2009-2011. I’ve been training clients and athletes privately since 2007.

My clientele has ranged from collegiate, professional, Olympic level athletes, and…your mom?

Yep, that’s right! Although I do specialize in working with advanced athletes, a majority of my clients are normal people who just wanted to make a serious change.

Personal development and progress are a mantra of mine and it’s something that’s relevant to every one of us. We all start somewhere. I’ve been fortunate to have great clients that turn into great friends, and we produce great results together.​

After retiring from professional strength sports I decided to focus completely on our business and specifically helping others achieve their goals and closing the gap between dreams and reality.

Growing up in my grandparent’s auto parts store, they showed me that no matter what business you’re in that the ingredients are the same. Positivity, love for what you do, building relationships, and being genuine.
Their dream is alive with us today and we’re who we are as a result of that.

We didn’t open this gym just to be another gym in an industry that’s totally saturated. We created this to give you a completely unique gym with service, support, and knowledge to be your best.

As much as I can tell you about how great this, it’s more important that I show you.
Take a step towards progress and walk through the front door. This is hands down the best gym you’ll ever experience.

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