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THe northwest’s fastest growing gym

ABOUT West Coast Strength

When we opened our first gym in Salem, Oregon, we knew it had to be different.

It’s easy to see that most gyms are the same, but when you step into West Coast Strength, you know it’s unique. In an industry saturated with generic gyms and franchised fitness centers, we stand out in every way. The equipment, facility, design, staffing, and membership experience make our gym unique and a head above the competition. WCS is stronger than a gym; it’s a community and a family.

Our priority is helping you become the best possible you. In helping others, we’ve promised to continually evolve our business to better serve our members. While we aim to remove the unnecessary fluff from our gym, we double down on our strengths to provide a premium product for people who want and need the real deal.

Our obsession with being the best is no secret. We want our members to know they belong to the gym with the best equipment, facility, staff, and service!

Everything a gym should be and more


Our experience and passion for fitness led us to create and design one of the most unique gyms in the country. 

We’ve handpicked the best equipment and combined that with a positive culture that inspires growth and change. 

From our Founder Alex Whitaker: In the past, I’ve regularly jumped from gym to gym to use the right equipment or just to find the right vibe. When opening this gym, I wanted one facility with all the right things in all the right places. Even something as simple as our layout is designed specifically to maximize your return on effort and ensure the best results”.


Handpicked and customized equipment to provide members with a selection that can't be beat. Enjoy classic brands like Hammer Strength and Life Fitness as well as specialized pieces from companies like Arsenal Strength, Cybex, and others.


Variety is important! Just like strength equipment, our cardio diligently maintained and is selected with the end-user in mind.
Treadmills, stairclimbers, rowers, and multiple varieties of bikes and ellipticals. We have whatever you need to burn calories and get fit.


No shortage of plates or dumbbells here! We have the largest free-weight selection in our area, including dumbbells up to 150 lbs, custom barbells, accessories & attachments.


Providing incredible health benefits, our men's and women’s locker rooms feature Infrared Saunas to stimulate blood flow, increase recovery, prevent injury, and improve overall health.


Onsite nutrition shop located inside the gym with a wide variety of products to give you the best workouts, recovery, and gains,

TOWEL Service

Day-use lockers, showers, changing area, and calibrated scales in all bathrooms. Towel service available at the front desk.

MEET THE Founder


Previously the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Western Oregon University, I’ve coached some of the world’s top competitive athletes and bodybuilders. My clientele has ranged from collegiate, professional, and Olympic level athletes, as well as general population clients looking to achieve lasting results.

My background as a coach is what led me to create this amazing gym. As a coach and a gym owner, I want to provide people with a gym and services that meet their needs and exceed all expectations.

Now the fastest growing gym in the Northwest, West Coast Strength has become something bigger than I ever imagined. I’m so proud of our business. We’re creating something stronger than a gym, and I want everyone to see and experience this wonderful place.

Alex Whitaker



General Manager


Business manager

MEET OUR Leadership Team

The strongest ingredient of our recipe is our great staff



At West Coast Strength we’ve created an experience that is STRONGER than a gym.  Take action and see the difference for yourself.

Voted Best Gym in Salem, we’ve established our reputation for excellence and built a community in the process.

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