Seven Types of Personal Trainers

Happy 2024! It’s a great year to build healthy habits, try new workouts, and learn something new from an expert in the fitness industry. There are so many avenues you can take with your fitness goals, from weight loss to powerlifting, and each path comes with experts who can help you reach your goals. Here are seven common types of personal trainers!

Commercial Trainers

Most commercial gyms have at least one personal trainer on-site. Your gym membership may even include a complimentary session or two! You can expect these sessions to be cheaper than the alternatives because you already pay for a gym membership.

West Coast Strength isn’t a commercial gym, but we’re pretty awesome! We have personal trainers that can help you reach your goals, AND your gym membership includes TWO free training sessions!

Bootcamp/CrossFit Instructors

Many believe Bootcamp and CrossFit instructors aren’t technically trainers (though many have the credentials). Still, you hire them for physical training, so it falls under the same category. Unlike commercial gym trainers, Bootcamp and CrossFit instructors typically plan a group workout with few modifications and almost zero personalization. Bootcamp and CrossFit programs are great for people who like training in groups and add variety to their workout routines.

Group Exercise Instructors

Group exercise instructors are personal trainers who work in group sessions similar to boot camps, but these classes are typically more basic and will almost always include fewer weights. These training sessions can be anything from Yoga to Zumba! The benefit of group exercise classes is that it is a great way to try a new exercise and help you meet new like-minded people! The downside to group classes is you won’t get 1-on-1 attention of a personal trainer, but you may get some tips on your form.

Physique Trainers

These specialized personal trainers know the ins and outs of the physical appearance of your muscles. A physique trainer can get you there if you want a complete body transformation! Physique trainers are typically sought after by people looking to get into bodybuilding and those who wish to participate in stage competitions such as pageants and bikini competitions.

Performance Trainers

Competitive endurance athletes seek out these trainers to help them become better runners, swimmers, or cyclists for upcoming races and competitions. Some sections of performance personal training include powerlifting and weight training. You can look for a certified strength and conditioning specialist to get into this fitness.

Lifestyle Personal Trainers

Lifestyle trainers go beyond the workout and help you make lifestyle changes to increase overall wellness. Lifestyle trainers can only give diet advice if trained and certified dieticians or nutritionists. If you need extra support to reach your health goals, lifestyle trainers are worth the cost! Sometimes, changing your lifestyle is a challenge on its own. Many people can get to the gym daily but need help to change their lifestyle to reach their goals fully.

Weight Loss Specialists

These types of trainers will help you set realistic weight loss goals and create a plan to reach them. Some weight loss specialists can help with diet monitoring, macros, food logging, and holding clients accountable for their dietary choices. If you need help setting realistic weight loss goals and monitoring your food choices, a weight loss specialist can help!

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