Selfies Boost Confidence

Did you know that humans nowadays take almost 1 trillion photos a year? And many of those photos are selfies. So what’s the reason people like taking so many selfies? 

The Science of Face Photos

According to Dr. Owen Churches, a researcher from the school of psychology at Flinders University in Adelaide, human faces have always been effective attention-grabbing mechanisms. Social media is no exception to this. Face-tracking studies have shown that the profile picture is the first place that eyes draw to on Facebook and other social media profiles.

Social Media Selfies Can Boost Our Self Esteem

There’s a common misconception that people who post tons of selfies are narcissistic or vain. However, selfies can actually have a positive impact on self-esteem, especially for women. 

In a body image survey conducted by TODAY/AOL, 41% of adult women stated that selfies and other flattering online photos make them feel more confident. For teenage girls, the results were even more significant. 65% of teenage girls stated that seeing their selfies on social media boosted their confidence. 

Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie

All in all, selfies can be great to boost your confidence, but with that being said, there are some methods to make sure your selfies come out as nice as possible. Follow these basic guidelines to take the best selfie:

  1. Know your best sides and angles.
  2. Find the perfect lighting.
  3. Place the camera slightly higher or to the side to make your face and body look slimmer while making your eyes seem wider.
  4. Push your face forward to show a longer-looking neck.
  5. Attempt a genuine smile.
  6. Slightly open your mouth and exhale so you don’t look stiff.
  7. Edit your photos, but don’t overdo it.
  8. Find a light background to make your face brighter.
  9. Find your signature face.
  10. Use the flash and crop if necessary.

Another Way to Boost Your Confidence

While selfies can boost your confidence, another sure-fire way to bolster your confidence is by looking and feeling great. One of the best ways to achieve this is by exercising regularly. Staying fit will also help you look better in photos. At West Coast Strength, we offer a great gym culture and plenty of amenities. Sign up today and start your free 7-day trial.

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