New to the Gym? Don’t Believe These 5 Fitness Myths

In 2024, there’s tons of misinformation about the health and fitness industry! Everyone with a phone and a tripod shares fitness content and advice without knowing much about health and fitness themselves. We’re here to bust five common gym myths!

Myth #1: Cardio ONLY for Weight Loss!

While it’s true that you should include at least 20 minutes of cardio into your workout routine, focusing ONLY on cardio will not transform your body as quickly as you think. Many people view cardio as the ultimate solution because it keeps your heart rate, but in reality, cardio should supplement a strength training routine. Building muscle maximizes your cardio routine because the more muscles you have, the more calories your body will burn!

Myth #2: Heavy Lifting Will Make Me Bulky!

You may have heard this myth a few times, especially from women. Many women have shared that they worry about becoming “too bulky” or “too muscular” if they start lifting heavy weights. Women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up the way men do, and it’ll take significantly longer with a specific regimen to “get bulky.” Competitive female bodybuilders follow rigorous diets and workout programs and sometimes take controversial muscle-building supplements to get to that level of bulk.

Myth #3: Working Out Makes Up for My Unhealthy Diet!

You may have heard the phrase, “You can’t outwork a bad diet,” and this is true! Food is fuel that gives your body the energy and nutrients it needs to see results. While you can eat in a calorie deficit with unhealthy food, you’re not getting the things you need to fuel your body and keep you healthy.

Myth #4: I’m Not Progressing Because the Scale Isn’t Changing!

Many people focus on the number on the scale, but it’s not always the best representation of bodily changes. When you lose fat but gain muscle, you may not see changes on the scale or even see the numbers go up, but it’s okay! A better way to track progress is by tracking body measurements of your arms, waist, and thighs. Even if the scale isn’t changing, your measurements may be! You can also change your mindset around your progress by asking yourself questions like:

  • Am I lifting more weight than before?
  • Can I run longer than before?
  • Do my clothes fit better?
  • Do I feel better, physically and mentally?

Myth #5: I’m Not Working Hard Enough if I’m Not Sweating!

Sweating isn’t an accurate way to measure how hard you’ve worked out. Many factors go into the amount a person sweats, such as temperature, humidity, and hydration levels. Your body may also be efficient at cooling itself, thus not needing to sweat excessively. There are other ways to know if you had a good workout, such as:

  • You’re sore after your workout.
  • You pushed your limits during your workout.
  • You’re in a better mood.
  • You slept great that night!

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