Make the Most of Your Gym Membership

Get the most bang for your buck by making the most of your gym membership! Don’t let the membership cost go to waste by simply going for 30 minutes twice a week; take advantage of everything your gym provides for its members.

Get Creative!

The internet is a wonderful place to find workout videos and blog posts where you can discover different ways to use the same equipment. For example, if your gym is small and has limited equipment, you can use squat racks for squatting, deadlifting, hip thrusts, lunges, and even bench presses. Cable machines are also a perfect example of variety. You can adjust the height and change the attachment to do a full-body workout with one piece of equipment.

Go to Group Classes!

If your gym offers group exercise classes to its members, sign up for them! While not everyone loves group classes, they provide new ways to exercise and meet like-minded people. From Zumba to yoga, many gyms have something for everyone. Take a month or two to sample each class to see what you like!

Try Out the Spa/Sauna!

Many gyms provide a sauna that you can utilize after your workout. Saunas help stimulate blood flow, increase recovery, prevent injury, and improve overall health. Dedicate at least 15 minutes after each workout to relax in the sauna and feel the benefits from the inside out! Some high-end gyms have a spa where you can get facials, massages, and more and receive discounted services for being a gym member.

Stop by the Cafe or Nutrition Shop!

Many large gyms have a café or smoothie counter to get protein shakes, bars, or nutritious meals like chicken wraps and salads. Some gyms also have a nutrition shop where you can grab protein shakes, supplements, pre-workouts, or energy drinks to help you live your healthiest life.

Refer a Friend!

Everyone works out differently. Some prefer solo; others need a partner to push their limits! Bringing a friend along helps you not only physically but also socially. You can spend quality time together while working towards your health and fitness goals. Some gyms even have a referral program, so don’t hesitate to ask staff about their current promotions!

Work with a Trainer!

Some gyms have trainers on staff that you can work with for an additional fee. Many gyms provide free consultations or even a free session for new members, so double-check with your gym staff to see what they offer. At West Coast Strength, every new member can take advantage of TWO FREE personal training sessions with our qualified and experienced trainers.

Everything a Gym Should Be & More!

Our founder, Alex, has said, “I wanted one facility with all the right equipment in the right places. Even the equipment layout is designed specifically to maximize your return on effort and ensure the best results.” West Coast Strength has everything you need, from high-quality equipment to a fully stocked nutrition shop! Stop by and see why West Coast Strength is the best gym in Oregon!

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