If You Can’t Tone Then Tan!

We know that results take time. While everyone wants to have a fit body and active lifestyle, and everyone would love to roll out of bed looking like an underwear model, the reality is that these results don’t happen overnight. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help give you that extra confidence boost and keep you motivated on the long (and sometimes difficult) journey to look your absolute best.

Get a Tan or Spray Tan

Color contouring can highlight the favorite parts of your body and can help focus people’s attention on those parts. Put your best parts forward with a well color-contoured body.

Keep Your Hair Trimmed and Looking Nice

If your abs aren’t quite where you want them yet, you can at least rest assured that your hair is looking great. This can also be a motivation boost when you look in the mirror.

Keep Your Beard or Facial Hair Clean and Tight

Just like keeping your hair trimmed, keeping your beard or facial hair trimmed can have you looking right. As an added bonus, you can celebrate a good-looking face while you get your swole on.


Keep your teeth clean, because nobody wants to see a ripped body with an ugly smile. Having clean teeth will keep your confidence boosted while you work on getting the body you want.

Skincare and Good Hygiene

While skincare and good hygiene are always recommended, this is especially important as you pursue a healthy lifestyle. This is because your body leaches toxins accumulated over the years as you sweat. That’s why you need to make sure you’re keeping your face and skin as clear as possible. You can achieve this by getting facials, steaming, and bathing regularly. 

Work With the Pros

At West Coast Strength, we’re more than just a gym. We’re a community of people trying to achieve great results and look their best. Our experienced trainers can help to make sure you’re looking your best. Contact us for more information or start your free trial!

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