WCS Wins Best of the Willamette Valley!

On June 18th, West Coast Strength was awarded and voted “Best Gym” in the “Best of the Willamette Valley “contest. 

We pride ourselves on being THE BEST!  Whenever an opportunity comes along to prove that, we’re in!  After winning the 2019 Best Gym in Salem award we were excited for the 2020 Best of the Willamette Valley contest.

We were notified several months ago that we won and it took everything I had to keep this accomplishment quiet until the winners were announced.  Can you imagine how hyped we were to win?!

It’s no secret that we’re competitive and that we exist in a very saturated market.  We compete directly against companies that are larger than us, older than us, and those with multiple locations and massive memberships.  David vs Goliath, but we all know how the story goes!

This isn’t corporate globo-gym and it’s not the country club. This is a locally owned gym that is made for the benefit of its members and the community. With that comes more love for the business and from its members than any other gym.  That love, intensity, and positive energy is what our culture is made of. 

I’d like to personally thank our staff, members, and community for giving us such a great platform.  Business is hard. It’s a game of chess that’s fast paced, dangerous, and leaves very little room for error.  In being so obsessed with progress and growth, I don’t take many opportunities to appreciate and enjoy what we have.  This is one of those moments where I have to stop and smile. I’ve always known that we would make a big impact and accomplish a lot, but nothing compares to the little winning moments like these once they actually come to fruition.

Our grandparents would be proud.  2020 has not been what we planned, but we’re making the best of it. 

“West Coast vs EVERYBODY”.

– Alex Whitaker.

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